Thursday 7 February 2008

Mary Ann With the Shaky Hands

Problem-solver Roger asked me if I had a heavy metal strap hanging from my camera which would probably account for the blurred photographs which are my speciality. Sadly, no. It just comes natural, like. Though I impressed myself with the spider pictures - yes, I know they too were quite indistinct, but that was because of the tumbler between me and certain death; given how much unwelcome adrenalin was coursing through my terrified veins at the time, I am proud that I even managed to locate the camera On button, let alone use it.

My sister thinks I should have let Harry have the spider to play with. That comment has exposed her - my own flesh and blood! - as completely undeserving of her reputation as a very big softie. She would probably have enjoyed Roman circuses with lions and Christians....

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