Wednesday 6 February 2008

Ooh, scary!

My friends and family are being stretched a bit now. They seem to have mastered getting into this blog, and some do, quite regularly (thank you, peeps!) but they report that they couldn't leave a comment, because some sort of Google ID thingy is required. Oh no, they quaver, a Google ID thingy! Now let's be clear here. These are not folk who are scared of shopping over the internet, sometimes in reckless fashion (e.g. Karen-why-buy-one-sofa-online-when-you-can-have-two) , but this comment business has fazed and discouraged them. Odd, really. Not that I'm touting for comments, of course, but they notice that I have only one so far, and it seems to matter to them. So, dear readers, be brave, get Googlified, and get those opinions out!

1 comment:

rogern said...

wussies, the lot of 'em!

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