Wednesday 6 February 2008

The wimps go walking

Today's walk was left a bit too late, and by the time Suzy and I got out, the light was fading and the wind had got up and seemed to be coming at us straight from Siberia. So, employing more of a scuttle than a stride, we hurried round the block complaining all the while, and into Suzy's house for a cup of tea. There we had a depressing conversation about Body-Mass Index scores. Suzy is taking part in the BioBank research, so now she knows what her BMI is. Mine doesn't bear thinking about, but it won't be ready for exposure to Australia's beaches, that's for sure. It is Suzy's birthday soon, and in the light of our talk, I think I shall make her a flourless chocolate cake and we can pretend that it is therefore low-calorie.

The dog polished the cat's dishes, drank some of the cat's water, then made it plain that she needed to go home for tea now, thank you. The cat, who despises my dog, didn't bother to show up at all. The dog is used to the contempt of cats, and does what she knows works: cleans their dishes for them.

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