Tuesday 5 February 2008

Feels like Spring!

But it isn't....it could turn nasty again at any moment. Our walk through the park was lovely, but a bit too long, and my feet felt very old before we had got up the last steep hill to home and a cup of tea. Because I had left my specs in the house, some of my pictures came out a bit blurred - again. I do this all the time. My son once asked in exasperation "How do you manage to get worse with practice?" The answer is, I don't know, but I definitely do. Maybe a class for duffers with over-ambitious cameras might help, although my fear is that it would be full of chaps who spoke fluent Technical Jargon. Oh for the good old days....you knew where you were with a Box Brownie....

On the comforting side, my tray of lemon drizzle cake turned out very well again (hurray, new oven!) and the house smells very nice. Sadly, none of this cake is for me. I need to fit into my summer trousers by the end of March for my trip to sunny Australia, so I am fattening up my friends instead of myself. They protest, but they give in eventually. Mwahahaha!


rogern said...

does your camera have a heavy metal strap? do you let it sway and dangle when you take photos? if so, that may be the reason you tend towards blurry.

Mrs Parsnip said...

Ha Ha-had to laugh, as I either forget MY glasses, OR the camera! I have taken so many blurry shots, it's unbelievable! My new 'thing' is writing text messages without glasses, and being convinced that I've written it correctly. My husband now understands what I lbjov you, means!! Adding a link to your blog from mine-hope that's ok, I am enjoying reading yours so much!

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