Monday 4 February 2008

Expensive walk

At last! Decent weather, bright, fresh, no excessive wind, a warm house, and an urge to get out for a longish walk. So off we went, Sandra, dog and I, through the Dene, up and down little paths, as far as we could go. The dog wore her grey Uncle Walter-style knitted tank top. I forgot to take my camera, sadly. Snowdrops and crocus are beginning to appear, and a surprising number of people were out with their excitable dogs. They all want to say hello to my dog, who is a miserable grouch when it comes to other dogs, and shows her remaining 8 teeth till they get the message, and slope off, disappointed, owners glaring. Dog walking is always an apologetic affair for me.....

Somewhere along the route, a £20 note worked its way out of my fleece pocket (don't ask; there is a reason for that amount of money being loose in my pocket), so if anyone is walking in the Dene as far as South Gosforth, keep your eyes peeled; you never know what you might find.

Then we took our kitchen waste down to the allotment compost heap. Sandra was in despair; there is so much to do, and so much wind damage, but she is a tidy, orderly person, and is easily downcast by the wayward ravages of Nature. We spoke in convincing tones of getting old clothes and gardening shoes on and putting our backs into a bit of rough clearing and repairing,
this week - maybe even tomorrow! This is a regular item on the List of Good Intentions.

1 comment:

rogern said...

I miss the compost heap. It seems almost wicked to throw food waste away!

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