Wednesday 17 June 2009

Desk ornament


Anonymous said...

What a lovely paperweight she makes!

Susan said...

she ... is ... a stunner and I'm suspecting that she might be aware of this fact.

word verification - "phipster" distant,
distant cousin of the hipster

mountainear said...

Want one!

Very artful composition - wot with the cat on the screen behind looking equally delectable.

Anonymous said...

We have the same pc & also a grey and white striped tabby in common! I nominated you for one of those award thingies if you would like to call in and collect it.

judy in ky said...

She is a very decorative cat... so poised.

word verification is "mombilly"

martha said...

Aren't the striped tabbies the best? We now have 7 rescue cats, and the "best" one is the one I am looking at. Millie is beautiful.

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