Sunday 27 December 2009

Guest blog with whiskers

Hello, it's us! She said that us cats could do a blog post! But she said we weren't to go on and on about mice and furry things on a string. We are supposed to tell you about our Christmas, and what a nice time we had. We think she exaggerated the nice time bit, but here goes.

Well, it was cold and snowy. We went out on the ice with the dog, such a feeble creature who needed encouragement all the way: "Come on, dog! You can do it; you won't slide down the hill! The alternative is to burst your bladder...." What a fuss she made about having cold feet!

We rather thought there would be twinkly lights and tinsel on our climbing frame, but She wouldn't allow it. She said one of us would eat it or be electrocuted.

We rather thought there would be very special dinners.

No, just same old same old.... we waited, but no special dinner appeared.

She said it was too early for special dinners; that would be tomorrow. She said she was sorry not to have explained that we don't get Christmas dinner before Christmas Day. We were disappointed.

Not good enough, we thought. All those promises, and still just kibble!

She lit lots of candles, but she wouldn't light the fire. She said one of us would singe our whiskers. I don't think she credits us with much intelligence.

She was a bit silly with the decorations.

But then it was Christmas Day, and what nice things we got! There was lots of wrapping paper and ribbons, with things inside that we let the humans have.

We made confetti.

It was slow, careful work.

Didn't Scooter do well? He's the champion confetti maker.

Millie liked the curly ribbons best. They put up such a fight!

James was a bit scared, so he stayed under the table for a while with a mouse. He's still a baby, and doesn't know about confetti or fighting curly string.

Lottie decided that the climbing frame should be decorated, and did it herself.

She instructed Millie to help.

And Millie helped. Millie would do anything for Lottie.

James donated his rosette.

The humans said they got some interesting things inside our paper and ribbon, but we thought they were disappointing. There are no recipes for field mice, rabbits or voles in this book! What a rip-off.

This would be a cosy scarf for us to sleep on, I suppose, with wool stitches to pull out with our nice sharp teeth.

They had books that made them laugh a lot. They wouldn't let us make book confetti.

But why aren't candles ever catnip-scented?

She got this from Australia. Apparently she moaned all the time she was there about not seeing a wombat. Ugly looking things, if you ask us. No decent whiskers at all.

All their other presents were boring. No mice, no string, no fishy treats, no feathery things. What strange things humans play with! Dishes, books, chocolate. Chocolate - yuk.

The dog was taken for a walk. She had to be carried for a bit - such a wimp! We think she's milking that bad leg story a bit.

The Human didn't want us to show you this photograph. Usually it's the dog who needs a haircut, but the human looks like a bag lady with that long straggly fringe. Unlike us, humans are hopeless at personal grooming.

Eventually it was special dinner time. We thought it was very nice, but there's none left to show you. We are promised more - a special dinner every day! We will believe it when we see it, but it's a nice thought, we suppose.

We hope your cats had a nice Christmas too. And your dogs, although we know they're generally freeloaders who never contribute to decorating and confetti-making. Now we're off to play with string and have afternoon naps......


Friko said...

yes, thank you, we did. It makes such a nice change to hear a truly civilized voice on these pages. Shame about the same old, same old, we had lots of spare turkey in this house, the dog got some too.

Purrrrr, have a lovely new year.

RUPERT said...

My people had lots of parcels. They kept the wrapper from a nice big gold one, and stuffed the rest of the paper inside to make me a nice, fat, crunchy cushion. It is in my day bed, in the kitchen. It feels a bit like a throne when I lie on the top. Last year, I think it lasted about a week before the stuffing began to fall out, and SHE started muttering!

SHE did make some lovely smelling stuff on Christmas Eve, to go in the gravy, and every day I have had little extras in my bowl, cut up very small. Brown bits. She won't let me have any of that fat white bird (but if HE is on his own, I can usually make him give me some).

It has been nice and quiet here this week - no builders banging away, and I've been able to get some decent sleeps. And it's warmed up a bit, so my feet don't slip outside anymore. Anyone would think I'd been at the booze!

Oh, and SHE put up some pretty little lights around the shelves in the kitchen - they give off a much nicer light to doze by. Hope she keeps those!

Back to sleep now. Glad you all had a lovely time.

BumbleVee said...

so glad you all had a nice time... and had such wonderful strings and confetti papers to play with.... too bad you didn't live a bit closer...I'm sure I could find an extra chicken wing or two still in the 'fridge ...

mountainear said...

Ah, the joys of paper, string and ribbon. Envious? Moi?

Dogs in this house have feasted on the left-overs and titbits. I think they have over indulged - they think thy are deprived.

Unbelievably w.v. is 'dogonon'. How true.

Von said...

Well cats you didn't have too bad a time did you?Unlike poor Mrs Plod and Emily who were left alone all day while The Boss and The Missus went gallivanting.
Wombats eh? A bit scratchy, a bit bitey,a bit stinky when they pee in your bed but otherwise charming,delightful companions.Hope she enjoys her calendar, the year will move slowly!

Lesley said...

We 2 dogs (Shelagh and Minty - we live with Lesley who we belive chats to you from time to time) had a great Christmas thanks - loads of turkey, loads of new laps to sit on, walks galore and I (Shelagh, boss dog) managed to steal all the other dogs' Christmas toys - so 4 nice bright squeaky items to secrete around the house for "later"....

Off for a snooze now as it's snowing outseide but will head out into the garden later when Lesley is not looking and then parade my wet and muddy paws through the house - I know she enjoys that!


Shelagh and Minty xx

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