Sunday 6 December 2009

Never go to bed grumpy....

What a sourpuss I sounded in that last post! And what a sourpuss I was - kept awake again last night by carousing students over the back lane. So, to remind myself that there are nicer things around in my very small life, here are a few recent examples:

1. A little poppy in the front garden, resolutely ignoring the fact that it's December.

2. Lottie staking her claim to the empty basket intended for my knitting. She's a bit excited about it too - you can tell by her pink nose, which is usually very pale.

3. Millie delighted with her find in the back lane, a pop-up laundry bin thrown out by a neighbour. She sat in it for a long time, thinking serious thoughts. I think.

4. A successful eBay bid tonight for some Rowan yarn in a very pretty pink and at an amazing price - £18.50 for 500g! Way under half the RRP! The Demon Bidder strikes again. A strange talent, this; hope my knitting improves to match.

5. And a delicious tip for buttercream icing - make as usual (butter, icing sugar, beat beat beat, adding a good splash of the remaining wonderful elderflower cordial your friend gave you in early summer. Beat beat beat. Sample at intervals. Makes for a much more grown-up taste when topping almond cupcakes.

That's better. I can go to bed feeling less vinegary.


Amy McPherson Sirk said...

I'm glad to read that you are in a better mood. We all have our days and losing sleep is guaranteed to make me a less than attractive person. Thanks for posting the pics of your cats being too cute for words.

BumbleVee said...

Love Lottie in "her" basket ... her eyes are getting wild....hahahha.... ready for anything, she looks...

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I don't think you sounded overly grumpy in your last post . And I'm assuming that you hadn't shaken your umbrella at some Dad in the supermarket ,and quavered , " Young man , in my day children were seen but not heard !" .I haven't quite done that in the library .....but it's only a question of time .
That's a very nice poppy ! I have one pink snapdragon .

Linda said...

We, your fans, do not see you as a grumpy sourpuss! You make wry comments on the day-to-day irritations of life, that's all! I bet you agree with almost the gripes on "Grumpy Old Women" (the TV programme)though, just like I do!

Part of me wishes that I had been born 50yrs earlier, so that the manners and standards of behaviour that I remember from my childhood would be around me now, but then I quickly work out how different everything would have been in so many ways and accept that life for most women in this country is, actually, very good.

It's the contrast, I think, between what we create in our own homes, and what we see when we venture out. Home is best!

Anonymous said...

The pop up laundry basket has become a firm favourite with Higgins in this house. When he tires of hopping in and out with toys he finds it gives him great size advantage over our long suffering cat Henry when bulldozed across the floor.
I'm very envious of the ebay purchase, great price. That's less than I pay for the stuff I dye myself and I think that's a bargain!
Penny x

Anonymous said...

Better a sourpuss than no puss at all I say! My chef daughter uses a little plain yoghurt in her buttercream toppings, sometimes with a dash of something else, vanilla may be. Now I'm going to go and scrutenise cats' noses because I have never realised that they change with emotions. I wonder what Frankie's will reveal as his is a patent black leather type nose. He's on top of the fish tank as usual and so perhaps a blueish tinge from the moonlight bulb will tell me how he's feeling this morning.

cathleen said...

Rachel, I love your sweet little kitties and your graceful poppy. Congrats on the Rowan yarn. I just bid on some vintage French ribbon and won. Love when that happens! And your almond cupcakes with 'spiced' up buttercream icing sound divine!

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