Wednesday 9 December 2009

New arrivals

Meet Jack.

No, this photo isn't upside down; he was hiding behind a chair, and I was hanging over the back of it trying to take a picture without alarming him further. The accursed Blogger won't allow me to post the rotated version. Hang upside down yourselves to see how cute he is.

He was inspected by the others, and found sadly wanting. Rude things were growled and spat at him. Jack then fled to a little gap behind the television where he stayed until a friend brought a cage round, in which he is now safely tucked up until he gets used to a new environment where snooty cats come to stare and to hiss rudely at him.

He used to live with Millie's sister, and she was so nice to him - Millie hasn't been at all nice so far.

Shortly after he arrived, this large box was delivered.

The Box Inspector stopped hissing at Jack and came to do her favourite job.

Inspection was thorough.

The Assistant Inspector was called.

The Plastic Webbing Tester did his bit too.

The fascinating thing about plastic webbing is that when you apply the Bite and Scratch test...

...the other end moves! Plastic Webbing Testers love this part of their job, watching their webbing wriggle as if it had a life of its own.

I had unpacked the box, laid its contents out in an orderly fashion, and (being female) had read the instructions. I was now ready to assemble the Monstrosity. The Box Inspector was moved to offer assistance.

Between us, it didn't take long to put the Monstrosity together.

The Box Inspector made herself useful yet again. 

The Assistant Inspector came too. She's always very interested in acquiring new skills, and enjoyed the platform testing. Her lovely ocelot tummy was on display.

Scooter preferred to stay on the lower deck. He's not confident with heights yet, but he made a good job of inspecting the sisal rope on the scratching posts.

The top platform offered a wonderful view of a small ginger cat hiding behind the television. The Box Inspector sent the sort of looks that could kill, until she got bored with the lack of response. That ginger kitten seems to be a softie, won't put up any sort of a fight. 

The Inspectors were satisfied. If they could write, they would have filled in the paperwork, but as they couldn't, they scratched their initials in one of the posts. Passed. 

They may or may not visit the Monstrosity again some time. They're not sure. They're cats - why would they remain interested in such a thing for more than a day? The Monstrosity might be another One Day Wonder. Perhaps it could be used to stand mugs of tea on. Or maybe have some fairy lights round it over Christmas?

Meantime, secure in his basket-in-a-cage, little Jack (who only had his boy-operation three days ago) is wondering if he's going to fit in with such a tough, confident, work-oriented bunch. They look as they have never been small and scared in their lives...


Anonymous said...

Wanted to leave a serious comment with gravitas, but just keep murmuring "Oooh, look at him. Ooh, sweet".


Friko said...

Ahhhh gorgeous. But I bet they won't bother with the scratching post for long! Unless one of them claims it for his/her own, then. of course, they'll all want it.
We had one too, but neither Kipper nor Makarios )he was picked up by a Greek chap in a building site) gave it a second look once they had inspected it. And the damn contraption cost a heck of a lot of money.

judy in ky said...

It's a good thing he has you (and all of us) to welcome him. I hope the inspection committee warms up to him soon!

Amy McPherson Sirk said...

He's adorable. Where oh where did you find the monstrosity? My cats would love (read destroy) that.

Anonymous said...

I like your colour scheme! Monstrosity included. Jack is wonderful. Happy days.

mountainear said...

Well, Jack's a sweetie rotated version or not. He'll be fine.

Think your Monstrosity coordinates with the decor and cat scheme well. Could be far worse surely?

wv is 'wives'. Hmm.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Poor Jack , he'll charm his way into the gang in the end . I think he's very charming already .
As for the climbing whatsit ... It's crying out for an Aspidistra .

rachel said...

To find a Monstrosity of your own, google cat climbing frames, find a model you are willing to spend far too much on, then google reviews to see if people found it stable. (I think I wrote this recently - maybe it needs a post of its own?) Don't expect any of them to be less than hideous beyond belief.

It could indeed be worse. Mine is nasty dark grey. Like the telly. The alternatives were Nasty Beige or Nasty Blue.There's nowhere in my battered old house that sports shiny nylon carpet like that covering the platforms though.

An aspidistra - there's a thought.

BumbleVee said...

no, no, no...don't use it for a plant stand.... just make a little mousie on a string...out of any old thing...and attach one to the edge of the top level....or to each level....they will bat the heck out of it and have a great time. We usually built our own monstrosities and always had a dangling bit of fluff or a fluffy toy attached to a sturdy bit of twine...and they loved diving and whacking it from every and all angles.... of course, you can always toss a toy or two at monstrosity as well to get entertainment when ever you want it...they will leap up after it is not totally sturdy... do nail it down or... get a big decorative rock to put on the bottom to hold it ....

Linda said...

Lovely little boy, such a gorgeous colour. Would have been very tempted by him myself, but I don't think Rupert could cope with any competition, having been a solo cat for 17 years!

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