Sunday 27 December 2009

'She' protests!

'She' would like to say that the cats, far from being cruelly deprived, as they tried to insinuate, had very posh cat food yesterday (we always spend Boxing Day with a friend, so no special dinners cooked here on that day). Tonight it's chicken in tarragon cream sauce; tomorrow is roast lamb with their Auntie Anne, and the next day will be something leftover-ish but nice too. And there's a bathtub-sized dish of home made smoked salmon pate going the rounds as well, so it would be wise not to believe a word those sly sympathy-grabbing creatures say. And don't offer them anything either; you'll only encourage them in further martyrdom.

We humans are much maligned!


Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed these posts so much with their wonderful pictures. The meals sound just "the cat's whiskers"! Enjoy ,all of you, and happy holiday wishes. To the cats wishes for :
lip-smacking cooking smells
bright collars with tinkly bells
twitchy wriggly chasey things
salmon, turkey, chicken wings,
snuggley days, contended nights
washing, grooming, sibling fights,
a happy life shared with a dog
and lots more stories on this blog.

To you and the animals, love and best wishes for a Happy New Year, and lots of enjoyment in the remainer of this

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

If I nip round for the lamb leftovers , do I have to do a guest blog ?
Your Hedgerow Cookbook looks very fine , though since Holland doesn't do hedges , might not be of great use to me . Whereas my new book "Things On Toast " seems written with me in mind ..... and shows that my children think it's time I upped my game .
I see culinary adventures for both of us in the New Year .

Fran Hill said...

Those cats eat better than I do.

Pam said...

Do you know, the more I see that climbing frame, the more I'm tempted to get one? On the other hand, would it make our cats attack the sofas more? Or less?

How handsome the Lovely Son is! Wonderful hair.

Von said...

Ah felines,they never stop trying do they? Mrs Plod has discovered a huge fondness for kabanas believe it or not, they are the new ham for her.
Sounds as if all are having a well-fed Christmas,good wishes.

Making Space said...

LOL I haven't been to your blog in a long time - what a lovely Christmas you've had! All the best and Happy New Year!

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