Sunday 9 August 2009

breakfast on Sunday

Rhubarb & ginger wine conserve (conserve = jam that hasn't set very well); shame about the rubber band, but the rhubarb is home-grown, so maybe that makes up for the sloppy presentation?

Ceylon tea from ancient caddy.

Hot buttered toast (butter dish not shown because of You Know Who...).

In case you thought this was a restrained and ungreedy breakfast, I have to admit to having eaten some toast already. Delicious!


Gretel said...

Plebby bacon & egg rolls down here, looking a lot less dainty than your little feast!

Susan said...

we love Millie ... and your blog.
Oliver, Susan, Miss D and the Gang

Shelagh said...

Will there be follow up photos of you under the title of "So Full" ?

Penny Pincher said...

I wouldn't worry about presentation unless you intend to enter for a Show. It looks delicious.
Thanks for visitng mine. Nice to meet you - especially the animals.

kristina said...

Oh I do love rhubarb. And around here we just refer to softly set jam as French-style!

And just that little bit of toast wouldn't be glad to hear there was more on the plate!

K x

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Oh, I think your Sunday Breakfast looks wonderful..and I LOVE the jam...but, then again, I have a real thing for jam....

Have a wonderful Sunday.


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