Saturday 1 August 2009

on the battlements

Millie sits on the fence, mistress of all she surveys.

Lottie sits on the fence. She is mistress of all she surveys! She will have to have words....

Words are spoken. Quiet but unmistakeable.

What d'you mean, menacing? Lottie just likes her subjects to know their place.

Patrolling is necessary; one's subjects can be unruly.


Lesley said...

Never thought I was a "cat person" as the saying goes but after reading and seeing some tales and pictures about your lot, I reckon I could be converted! As with dogs, it's the knowing their characters and foibles which makes us love them.

Lesley x

Susan said...

Millie does sit in that very upright and regal pose often doesn't she ?

Much like someone else we know.

Looks like a little slice of cat heaven to me.
S & les Gang

Linda said...

We like being Up. Looking Down. Our rightful place.

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