Saturday 8 August 2009

the cat burglar and her accomplice

I'm going to have to get smarter about not leaving all things edible lying about, even for a moment. A plate of four cupcakes was sitting waiting for Billy and Lee's tea break today, and foolishly, I wandered off. When I returned, one cupcake was being rearranged with serious cat-tongue marks on its icing, a second cake was missing entirely, and the remaining two were rescued in the nick of time. The fat, greedy, shameless Millie didn't even bother to stop licking when I caught her.

I haven't found the missing cake yet, and yes, I have looked in the litter tray.
No one has thrown up, or worse, but there's still time. The dog doesn't look particularly guilty or furtive, but all that tells me is that this double act has turned professional. I might have to consider kitchen CCTV.

1 comment:

Susan said...

I love it ... I love it all
oops I should say "we" love it ALL.

xo Oliver, Susan and the Rest

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