Thursday 6 August 2009


An email from my sister today; she spends every summer on Syros, in the Cyclades. She complains that it is cloudy, and that she may demand her money back. Poor dear. When she comes home, with her already-retired husband, she has to decide when to give her notice at the school where she has taught for almost 40 years. A dedicated and ever-enthusiastic teacher in one of Glasgow's most deprived housing estates ('schemes') she has had enough, and her health is suffering.

I can't imagine her not teaching, but I've already bagged an
out of season trip with her to this so-interesting little island, to work on making their new apartment a bit more homely. The term 'work' is relative, you understand, with all the usual Greek holiday influences and a pace of life that makes mine seem positively hectic. Can't wait.


Pam said...

Hmm. That certainly looks interesting, but not very green. A herbaceous border might be a bit of a challenge there?

Linda said...

Looking at photos of idyllic Greek islands always unsettles me.
I can almost feel the lovely heat seeping into my bones. I always feel well there, the people are lovely, I stop looking like death warmed up and collect a few more freckles, I love the pace of life, I love ouzo. Why haven't I been for so long?

Susan said...

how lovely ! something more to look forward to

Anonymous said...

I went to Amorgos in the Aegean last year for my holiday. I wouldn't want to spend more than a week or two there however, or any of the other islands, too rocky, too many tiddly ex pats, too much beauty perhaps?

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