Tuesday 25 August 2009

transom 2

Tricia is enjoying herself, she says. She got up a good head of steam today, despite having to work under an infuriating overhanging shelf every time she had to reach to the back of the workbench. The attic hasn't been laid out very sensibly for this project.

The clear glass was cut into sections and the first roundel was leaded up....

...and tried for size. It fitted perfectly first time.

Tallow was rubbed over the joint. This smells a bit nasty (think mutton fat) when hot solder is applied.

Then a 3-handed job, to hold it tightly closed and solder the lead joint. We only feel about 35, we say, but our hands look ancient. When did we get gnarly old-lady hands?

The first curve was cut so that the roundel could be fitted into the clear glass.

Tap tap, and out it drops.

Not a very smooth edge; time to use the grinder.

Another efficient and effective tool, but if you find yourself using it too often, you have to think carefully about improving your standard of cutting! Not a problem today though.

The lead knife in action.

Fitting the roundel into place.

And there it sits, waiting for its twin.

A perfect fit. Such a clever Tricia.

And by the end of the day, this is where she got to. A streaky green number 9 in embryo.


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Oh, how I love the stain glass transom you are working on. And those doors are so beautiful . Perfect !

I had to laugh about the hands comment. I took a picture of me holding an apple the other day, and I thought, whose hand is that?
Not mine !


Gretel said...

Oh lovely! I do love simple stained glass, looking forward to seeing the rest of the progress.

Marie said...

Good gracious. Precision.

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