Sunday 30 August 2009


She said it was fine. I passed with flying colours, and was exultant. Only that was last night. This morning she found a speck* or two of cement left unbrushed on the far edge of the lead; I am downcast and chastened.

But it can't be that bad, because - oh joy! - she is allowing me to do the front side of the panel too. I am so privileged....sigh....
(I notice several people gave up on the dream of making stained glass when they reached the post about cementing.)

She, meantime, is escaping to visit friends in Consett. I detect that slightly frantic note when someone realises that they are seriously running out of time on their holiday to do all that they had hoped. I'll stay home and pack for tomorrow, get cementing again, and keep reminding myself that they do have shops/pharmacies/garages en route, so I don't have to pack up most of the house to take with us for a short break in Scotland.

*Edit: I looked again, and it was more than a speck or two. More than a speck as well....

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Linda said...

No, no, not given up at all because of a messy job. Nothing I like better. Just enjoying watching work in progress, glad you are having a go and wondering why there is nowhere in my house for such a piece. Also wondering, not for the first time, why I live so far from anywhere that I might learn such skills.

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