Thursday 13 August 2009

on the offensive 2

Another courgette bites the dust, so to speak. This is Meredith's Zucchini Bread from Rachel Allen's book 'Bake!' Didn't smell nice while in the oven - a peculiar stale popcorn smell - but my fears were not realised, because it proved to be delicious, especially toasted and buttered. (Why can't I lose weight, I wonder?)

Now I must tackle the third batch of rhubarb and ginger jam, if I can find enough jam jars to cope with it all. Rhubarb jam has taken over from courgettes as the tyrannical presence in my home - that second crop was too
surprisingly good to waste.

But - hurrah!! - tonight my dear old school friend Tricia from Australia arrives to stay for a few weeks, using my (unnaturally clean and tidy) house as base camp to visit friends and relations. I haven't seen her since I went over to stay with her last year, but whether it's a separation of 20 years or six months, we always fall in together in that comfortable, easy way that treasured childhood friends can.

We have a Scottish holiday planned for next month, and talk blithely of doing some walking on Mull, although by the time we get through all that jam, we may have become too roly-poly to walk anywhere, and might just end up doing what we so often do instead: sit for hours over food or cups of tea, and talk, and laugh, and enjoy each other's familiar company.


Susan said...

But does Miss Millie like courgette bread avec BUTTER ... we wonder

Oliver & Susan

What a lovely visit you have planned she sounds very much like my MLou

BumbleVee said...

oh, what fun having a friend come and stay ..... I hope you have a great visit and do some walking and whatever else happens to be of interest....

Susan said...

We're wondering if Millie will be guest blogging during Tricia's visit?

Oliver & Susan

Kitty said...

Yum, and something else to do with the courgettes. I can't pick them fast enough, more like marrows by the time I get to them.

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