Tuesday 4 August 2009

a dream of love & peace

My harmonious home has turned into a battlefield, with one side already the victor, but unable to stop fighting, and the other vanquished and bewildered. Lottie is indisputably queen of the house. Vanquished Millie has to endure growls and snaps and the occasional punch-up.

That'll teach me to think last year that young Lottie needed a companion, a kitten to play with, so that she didn't have to pester old Kevin. Millie was the chosen cat toy, and seemed to be best beloved for a while, but the shine has
definitely worn off.

Remember this when Millie arrived as a kitten? Lottie's Death Stare?

That quickly turned into this?

And looked like mutual love?

How delighted I was when they became friends, and how I worried that Lottie was devoting all her youth to being a surrogate mum to Millie.

Not to worry, that didn't last. The Death Stare is back, along with a (visible only to cats) queenly crown on Lottie's head. It's all part of what cats must do, I suppose, only natural.... but Nature can be brutal.


mountainear said...

I do hope for all your sakes that somebody draws up a peace treaty p.d.q. Warfare is exhausting, non?

I'm sure they will establish the cat equivalent of a pecking order and all will be well agin. fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Lottie stare, it freaks me! Your Feedjit thingy says I just joined you from London - I can assure you that I did not do anything of the kind! I joined you from Exmoor, courtesy of brand new broadband gadgetry from Utility Warehouse!

Susan said...

These photos are amazing and this female thing it is weird isn't it. Maybe it's time to add a boy for them to fight over ?!?

Since my Queen Lulu's been gone (last September) I have not heard a hiss, a spit, a growl or a blood curdling screech - not a once. The emotions between my boys seems to range from fond affection to very mild indifference.

Oliver feels very sad for Millie as do I. Funny Lottie always has a slightly crossed eyed look, am I the only one who 's noticing this. And how does "the" dog fare in all this hierarchy stuff ? xo from les Gang

Linda said...

Oh, poor Lottie. But poor Millie too.
Years ago I had a cat who had the sweetest, most affectionate nature. She had a litter of kittens (unplanned on our part!) and we thought it would be nice to let her keep one. We decided on the cutest, but from an early age he bullied his mum. First it was just nudging her out of the way when she was eating, then it just got worse.
One day she left home - and we never saw her again. We missed her dreadfully. Her son was nothing like her, and we felt it was all our fault!
If I ever have two cats again they would have to be siblings, but I'm not sure that even that would gaurantee peace.

Pam said...

Oh dear and oh dear. I hope too that this is a temporary situation. Our twins get on fine, though don't cuddle up as much as they did when they were little.

On the other hand, Cassie Cat has just brought in a little chaffinch and put it down behind the sofa to have a look at it. Luckily the man of the house was around so he rescued it (I'm a weak and feeble female when it suits me) and it flew away, apparently fine. We were just about to go out, so I'm glad we didn't come home to a scene of carnage or even an alarmed chaffinch which had spent all day pooing over the bookshelves.

Nature, eh? Red, tooth, claw, etc.

Anonymous said...

Know what you mean. The Expensive Tabbies are brothers, but "brotherly love" has turned to bored indifference, with intervals of "You looking at me?" As for Streeb-Greebling (the rescue cat), he's just 15 lb of rage and very vocal with it. I feel like the UN peacekeeping force.

Jan (from London, not Beckenham)

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