Monday 3 August 2009

the Cat Territorial Brigade

Today's mission: reconnoitre the area. The enemy is everywhere.

Warm up first. Tip the scratching post over.

Make sure it's subdued.

If not, bite and kick it into submission.

Fight! Bite! Scratch! Show no mercy. That's how we do it in the CTB!

Ooh, is that a mouse? No, no, must stay focused. Mission first, mouse later.

I'll have that mouse when you've finished with it, thanks.

Right, ready to patrol some gardens for signs of the enemy?

Leave quietly. We could be ninjas.

I'll be the decoy. You cross the road. I won't tell on you.

I'll stay here, thanks. I have a mouse to steal.

Look at the state of this path. I'll just smother some weeds for a while.

And I'll just stroll nonchalantly across this road. Yeah yeah, dog, I know it's not allowed.

I'll look in the neighbours' windows, check if the coast is clear.

Ok, creeping quietly; mustn't let the neighbours see me. I could be a leopard.

She'll be back. Relax, smell the lavender.

Mission accomplished. Back to HQ for debriefing.
Where's my mouse gone?


Susan said...

An absolutely perfect post and don't you hate it when they insist on crossing the road.

Gus & Oliver are both inside cats due to their Mama's increased paranoid neurosis but the BleetNess, the big fat black velvet chiclet does go outside but thankfully, due to his age (10.5) I suspect, prefers to loll the entire day upside down, big belly exposed in a sunny spot on our front porch much like a big fat sea lion on the beach.

Unless ... I go outside for some reason to which he leaps up from his snoozing and waddles at high speed toward me - tail straight up like a flag pole and chirping madly so I must stop whatever I was planning on doing for some mad adoration, heavy duty petting and much loving cooing.

Oliver sends his great gratitude for the plethora of shots and angles of his true love Miss Millie from N on T.

xo from the Gang

Linda said...

So much activity. Rupert is exhausted from just reading about them. So he's having a sleep.

To be fair to him, he is very good about not going very far - if I say NO in my best Barbara Woodhouse, then he knows I mean NO. But, heaven knows what he gets up to at night, as he is able to leave his sunroom x 24hrs. And as we live in a cul-de-sac, there are no fast cars close by.

Anonymous said...

OK, I've stopped laughing now. Can now type and say thank you yet again for keeping up this wonderful (pet) blog. Believe me, I am also interested in the other aspects of your life (I for one am hoping you will make it to a move near me in glorious Devon, getting that plug in!), but really, Millie in particular has me well and truly hooked. OllieV

judy in ky said...

A riveting story... and the actors are adorable!

Susan said...

We've been back several times already today (Oliver & I have). We can't get enough. He (VerVer) especially loves, LOVES the creeping sly leopard.

As I said to you long ago when I first found your blog. The way you write about your much loved animals makes me love my own even more than I already do..

xo Oliver, S & the Gang

Pam said...

Tell your furry friends that I do admire their accurate use of the apostrophe. So many cats don't bother nowadays. (Or would that be "cat's dont bother"?)

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE cats..and yours are so darling.Thanks for sharing the pictures...They make me smile...

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