Wednesday 12 August 2009

please sir, I want some more

There were prawns in this dish. All gone now.

I'll polish the dish. She might notice the prawns have all been hoovered up.

Maybe there will be second helpings.



I fear the worst. This is tragic. She's so hard-hearted!

I'll stay here. Just in case.

Life is hard. I am patient. Prawns may come yet.


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

That is so adorable....

Thanks for the laugh and smile.

Kary, Whiskey Sour, Dande, Pixie and Mumbie....and Butterscotch too!

Linda said...

I hope that you point out to these creatures, on a regular basis, just how spoilt they are!
Of course, they just see it as entitlement. You are only their slave, after all.

Susan said...

ahhhhh ... c'est bonne fil feline. I like prawns also xo, Oliver

til later my love ...prrrrrr

(Oliver lies - he does not like prawns "but" he would prepare them lovingly for his true love Miss Millie. He does LOVE Whiskas Kitten Temptations and will dance and spin in circles like a circus cat at the shake of their plastic pouch - and surely that counts for something). Susan

judy in ky said...

How can she refuse second helpings to such a sweet, patient face? Did you share with your fellow feline? We three would have ganged up on it at once!

Katie, Tinkerbell and Tiger

Pam said...

Aha, prawns. My Cassie and Sirius adore prawns also, but only Value prawns, the sort of wee rather soggy ones. Which is good.

Go and buy some more! That poor cat.

I've just met another bloggy person! So exciting!

rachel said...

Yes: they are adorable. And spoilt. And I am their slave. And the dog and Lottie also got prawns. But no, they didn't get second helpings because although these are the teeny, watery, soggy, frozen, cheap supermarket prawns, too much of a good thing puts them off their proper dinners and makes them so hideously fussy that even a slave can't cope.

_lethe_ said...

Aw, poor Millie, how can you let her starve like that! I'll have the RSPCA onto you...

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