Saturday 19 September 2009

crossed wires

My phone was down for most of the week, which was really rather pleasant. I know that there is an element of my personality that, if left unchecked, would sometimes ignore phone and doorbells ringing, and I can get quite unreasonably harrassed if both ring at once. And my basic mobile phone is kept for texting and emergencies, neither of which happen often, thankfully, so it's been email or visiting for five days. Given the black fuzzy attraction currently making the sitting room look like Paddy's Market, there have been lots of visitors.

But the line was fixed, and I had some catching-up calls to make today. I rang Ann, PARRT's home visitor, to report on black kitten's progress, and to enquire tactfully how long the rehoming process might take. To my surprise, she seemed to think I was keeping him, so we had a careful conversation about this. No, I'm quite sure that I don't want a third cat yet, and certainly don't want Lottie to stay as distant and disengaged as she is, so fostering with breaks in between might suit us much better.   

I rang Karen, the original foster carer for Lottie and Millie, who had put black kitten on the rehoming website this week. I think she had hoped I might yield to his charms, but she told me that there was a possible home for two kittens in the offing, but four kittens to choose from. So, fingers crossed. Millie and dog, you have work to do - our boy has to be the Chosen One!


judy in ky said...

I hope he is the Chosen One. I will be waiting for the answer. I don't know how anyone could resist him, based on your photos. Can the prospective "parents" see what you have shown and written here?

judy in ky said...

Oh, and I meant to say... I feel the same way about bells ringing. Sometimes I ignore the phone, and it drives my husband crazy. He can't understand how I can just let it go.

Liz said...

I've thought of a caption for that little face at the window photograph: Plse picks this kitteh.

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