Tuesday 8 September 2009

OW! What was that for?

Lesley and I walked through the Dene yesterday, and from nowhere, a wasp got into the tiny underarm hole in her top (a stitch in time might have saved the day, Lesley!) and stung her. While she flapped and squeaked, I had a look, and the wasp went up my sleeve, but fell out again while I had a turn at flapping and squeaking. The dog is usually the one to be stung, but she escaped unjabbed, so no flapping, squeaking or, more alarmingly, collapsing momentarily, from her.

Today I was letting myself in at Suzy's door to feed Big Fat Hattie, and a wasp clung to my arm and stung me through my (unholey) t-shirt. And we are soppy animal-lover types who wouldn't harm a fly. So unfair!

Anyone else been stung recently?


Linda said...

Sorry to scare you, but a man died near here a few weeks ago after wasp stings.

A retired man, he was walking down a country lane with a friend and a dog. Somehow they managed to disturb a nest. Both men were stung, but one collapsed and died.
I then read of a teacher who was standing at her kitchen sink, washing up. She was stung, collapsed and also died.

I suppose that having been stung, at least you can be fairly sure that you are not fatally allergic!

judy in ky said...

About two months ago my cat was stung by a wasp. The wasp had got into the house and she batted at it with her paw. She let out a shriek and hid under the dining room table for a while. I was afraid for her, not knowing how it would affect her. But she was fine, thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Yes, got stung a few weeks ago while in the loft(no provocation offered).I had an impressive hand-sized allergic reaction for a day or two.


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