Saturday 12 September 2009

don't let her get wet

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This isn't my foster kitten, but the sister of the the male kitten that I'm collecting tomorrow. Looks like a gremlin to me, but a sweet little thing. She's actually having a miaow-conversation with me here, although she looks a bit fierce with her mouth open.

I've decided to be a foster carer rather than an owner, so that the vaccination decision won't be mine to make. No one seemed to be fussing much about that in the end, mind you; I think willing carers are hard to find. The plan is to socialise him so that he can be rehomed. Watch out for a future sales pitch... roll up, roll up, ladies an' gents! Get your gremlin here!

If Lottie doesn't eat him first.

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Linda said...

Photos. Photos. ASAP please.

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