Friday 18 September 2009


Most times, he looks like a cute little kitten, even when he's wrecking the furniture.

But when he's stretched out - and purring at top volume, here - he looks like an alley cat.


Rattling On said...

Hi, thanks for the comments. I have replied over there.
Love your blog and have delved a little into the archives. The cup thing is definitely weird! The two posts are almost identical. There I was thinking I was stunningly original...story of my life.

Susan said...

He looks almost as big as the tiny dog and just as sweet - we think. More, more, more. xo les Gang

Susan said...

moggie ??

rachel said...

'Moggie' is an inoffensive name for an ordinary cat of no known breed - not quite as derogatory as the term 'mongrel' can sometimes be for dogs.

Anonymous said...

He's adorable.

(Had just written this, looked up to find a v jealous tabby perched on my chair.Oops.)

There should be queues round the block by now to adopt him.


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