Friday 18 September 2009

Tails up!

I'm going to stop going on about this kitten now, except to update you.

We had a long playing session this morning, interspersed with little treats to encourage him to come closer to me, then an enthusiastic breakfast. It's been tails up all day since then, pleased to see me, the dog, Millie, food, toys. Especially Millie, who is greeted with little chirrups and invitations to play. Loud purring, hardly any spitting (sometimes at the same time as purring!), and this evening, approaching me to be picked up and placed on my lap, where he stayed till my cup of tea went cold, just out of my reach. Major progress, I'd say. Well done, black kitten. Millie and the dog have been wonderful allies, modelling fearlessness/friendliness/high-speed removal of treats from human hand. Millie also demonstrated how to extract maximum play value from a cardboard box, the kitten watching with eyes like saucers.

Millie made several visits, and is definitely coming round. Lottie looked in, made an unpleasant noise, and stalked out, majestic bloomers and enviable whiskers ensuring that a small moggie would be sure of his place in the pecking order. She has presence, and something of Margaret Rutherford about her, does Lottie. She spends her time snoozing on the chair beside my computer, and has been promised lots of attention when this despised interloper goes away.

And he's now on PARRT's website, although I see that he seems to be named Artie on that - I suppose they all have a marketing name - but he's still the nameless kitten to me. I hope someone finds him soon, because he is growing at an alarming rate, and they may miss out on all the baby cuteness.


mountainear said...

Too, too busy to have had a daily presence. sorry. But what a joy to catch up with your cat adventures. Keep 'em coming. Keep your sanity too I hope.

judy in ky said...

Definite resemblance around the eyes... this cracked me up!
I hope little "no name" gets adopted by a very loving family. I don't see how anyone could resist.

Word verification is "tifarder"... funny word!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Lovely Lottie , lovely Margaret Rutherford !

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