Friday 11 September 2009

September sun

I love September more than any other month. If the weather is poor, you can say in a resigned tone, "Summer is over", but often it's a glorious month, with hot days and comfortably cool nights.

Down to the allotment on a warm sunny day, taking the shortcut through the trees.

Courgettes and weeds seem to thrive on neglect. Anything bigger than a tennis ball isn't welcome; to me, these are dull enough vegetables without my having to cope with family-sized ones.

These are for you, Marie. I'm sure you'd find something delicious to make with them, but I certainly can't.

Most of the beans have been picked, but these whoppers can stay there. More flowers are appearing too.

And a few potatoes that I dug before the sun got too much for me. I can see slug holes in one of them; I need to get the rest of the crop up soon before it all turns into a slug's high-carb banquet.

A hot little dog plodding up the hill, behind a hot human lugging a heavy green enamel bucket, full of spuds.

Still so much colour in the front gardens.


Susan said...

oh my goodness - gorgeous, magical and lovely. O & S

Linda said...

Wonderful photos, and crops. Quite jealous. And lovely photo of the dog, she is so sweet, trailing along after you.

Marie said...

Thank you! Yes, they can be dull. Smaller ones good with alternating slices of onion and tomato and baked for about 45 mins at high heat.

All I can think of is....cake. Grate 'em and substitute for carrot.

rachel said...

Yes - if small, they're ok. My mother sliced and sauteed them with garlic and tomatoes. We've already had courgette cake (see 13th August post) and I think I'm all courgetted out now. Time to inflict them on the neighbours. Again.

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