Tuesday 15 September 2009

seizing opportunity

While the cage is being cleaned out, there's an open space for ball games.

Humans are expected to join in.
Even if they're busy with litter and dishes.

Kapow! Speed o' light.

And then it all gets put together again. Bite that sheep-mouse thing!

Hungry now. Nothing like exercise before breakfast.

Millie prefers gymnastics to football. And climbing always gets the human's attention.

Check who's watching, and if there's going to be trouble. Candles were broken the other day.

No, she hasn't said anything. Hup!

Nice picture. Don't knock it over.

Hmmm, still nobody shouting "Get down!" Maybe up....


No, that provoked her. Better get down quick.

So what next? There's a long day ahead, and the human has to be prevented from letting the kitten out.


Anonymous said...

He's beautiful, and I love the variegated pads. I like Millie's idea of getting round the room without touching the floor, too.


Susan said...

I came into the house yesterday after my lunchtime power walk with a friend to find Oliver sitting like a Buddha high atop the refridgerator surveying the lands - I may have interrupted his training for the upcoming parkour events. He does enjoy a small meditation between bursts.

Lovely action shots - can't wait for news of the meet & greet.

StuckInABook said...

I just found your blog after following one of those click-on-this-link-then-this-link-then-this-link paths, and it's perfect for me - a cat obsessive suffering withdrawal symptoms, I love seeing yours!

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