Friday 25 September 2009


Today has seen another advance in the black kitten's development: he has taken to play fighting with a little too much relish. He gives Millie a light tap on the leg to initiate a game of wrestling, and then suddenly, it becomes a great deal more realistic, with cries and posturing that could almost be blood-curdling if he wasn't still small enough to fit in my pocket. He pounces with ferocity and won't back down. Millie joins in for a while, then I see her becoming unnerved, and she backs away. Poor old Millie; her life is in turmoil at the moment, and I shall keep a careful eye on her.

Karen at PARRT tells me that there has been no interest in the kitten so far, although this may be because their website is hard to find; it seems that the young gladiator may be with me for some time.....


judy in ky said...

Maybe Millie will find a way to signal "that's enough" to the little gladiator. It's too bad he doesn't have someone his own age to spar with. Glad you are there to keep things from getting out of hand.

Pam said...

Hello, it's me. Hope you're feeling cheerier today.

Poor Millie.

Must go and cut the grass: nice sunny day today.

Linda said...

Can you show him this blog, explain that his progress is being monitored far and wide, show him the lovely photos of Lottie grooming Millie when they were younger, give him a little talk on the need to be sweet, friendly and kitten-like at all times.
Or just shut the door on him and have another cup of tea!

Estorbo said...

Thad pequeno keedhen ees cude bod he has no manners. Thad ees no way to sneeff a lady. I buy teecket an' corm to teach heem respeghd!

rachel said...

Millie is beginning to hold her own, and the kitten is beginning to pay attention. Still a wild pair, though!

And that would be a one-way teecket, Estorbo, because you would definitely be persuaded to stay here with us for ever..... go on, do it! England awaits!

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