Monday 14 September 2009

and as the day ends

...we'd like to thank everyone who has commented or emailed to join the new adventure of the black kitten and his novice foster family. The last day-and-a-bit have been so much fun. And I was delighted to hear how many people enjoyed our trip to Mull; I wish I could go somewhere else now and take you all with me again!

It's evident that lots of people look in at my blog, although numbers of comments and followers don't indicate this. And some of you don't leave email details, so I can't always respond. In fact, I'm never sure if responding is welcome, but I know that sometimes I just want to say something, and that putting it on the commenter's blog isn't quite where it should go. Maybe I'm agonising unduly.

Anyway, I love hearing from you, even if I can't always say so. Stick with us, says the black kitten - we're going to go on having a very good time!


Linda said...

Such a sweet little boy!

It't going to be fun watching him grow day by day. Do you have any idea how long you are likely to have him for? Are they looking for a home for him already?

Re the followers - sorry, but I don't really know what that bit of blog sites does. I just pick the Name/URL option at the end, but just put in my name. (Sorry to show myself up here, but what's URL?)

Perhaps a clear-worded techi can advise?

BumbleVee said...

repondez vous if and when you please...... I like to hear from you any old time....

I read you whenever you update...unless of course, I am stuck under a dropped board or sweeping my way out from a pile of saw or drywall dust...or visiting the local dump (tip) ...

I bet you will be having some exciting times alright...with a new kitten and the "old" girls.... good

Auntjune said...

You will be the best kitty foster mama ever. I would love to do it, but I think Baxter would eat my face off in the night if I brought another animal into the house. She's adorable, you're going to have so much fun!

Calico Kate said...

Just read on down from my post at the top. I had forgotten he was a foster act, amazingly so snuggled on the dog's bed.
Lovely photographs and what dusty big feet he has!
PS don't agonise too much!

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