Wednesday 16 September 2009

Entente Cordiale-ish

Millie is mellowing, or at least giving in a little. There was an almost-friendly play session today, and nobody got hurt.

The process:

Let kitten out of cage for a while, till confident and playing wildly.

Tie kitchen string to toy mouse
. This is called Incentivisation.

Invite Millie into room, entice her with mouse.

Employ extreme watchfulness. Speak soothingly if growling occurs.

Observe fearlessness of kitten and gradual seduction of young Millie into wild play

A bit of stalking begins.

By both of them.

Will they share the mouse?

Of course. What cat can resist a mouse on a string?

Tell Millie what a good girl she is; she's obviously trying hard to be nice.
She has a slightly strained look, and can't help giving the occasional growl. After all, kittens are pushy.

Notice kitten giving a load of cheek.

Reassure dog, who can feel the high-octane mood, and is sensible enough to stay well out of it.

Dispense chicken-y morsels all round. Well done, Millie - I'm proud of you!

Enough for today. Millie goes out to sit on the yard fence and recover her composure, and I heave a sigh of relief.

And Lottie? She is above such mundane matters. She stays upstairs and contemplates the meaning of life with her eyes shut.


Susan said...

The photos are priceless !! that Millie we LOVE her and "the dog" looks so worried. What fun. More please. O & S

Karen said...

Another of your American fans delurking so I can comment on your wonderful foster kitten. Looks so much like my Miss Mouse (although she is a very cranky 14 year old and not interested in anything than dinner).

Have you seen the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee blog ( Laurie fosters kittens for the Seattle/Tacoma (Washington state) Humane Society. Through her blog she has placed dozens of kittens and raised quite a bit of money for the shelter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the entertainment and the unfolding stories. They make my days. X

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